Mwasalat Misr is a leading Egyptian Transport service provider Established 2011, which its scope covering Greater Cairo Metropolitan Area.

Egyptian joint venture company, Established 2011 with 320 Million EGP authorized capital, and fully paid-in capital of 32 Million EGP, holding company of both Cairo & AlHeba for public transportation companies

Vision, Mission and Values


To be the provider of choice for our customers and a model of excellence for our industry.


Through the strength of our people and partners, we provide safe, effective and efficient customer-focused transport services and its value-added technology solutions.


Safety – We will ensure the safety of our employees, customers and transit systems.

Customer Service – We will work with our customers to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Sustainability – We will continuously improve and be accountable for our financial, environmental and social results.

Integrity – As stewards of public resources, we will use our assets prudently and conduct ourselves honestly and respectfully.

Innovation – We will pursue opportunities to enhance value for our customers.

Collaboration – We will promote strong partnerships, community connections and links to other types of transport travel modes.

Value Added Services

We work hard to make bus travel more attractive and more accessible. Innovative approaches include a range of value added services, making sure that getting on our buses is easy and intuitive. Our services include:

Air-conditioned Bus Network – All year long and throughout our entire  fleet.

Trip Planning – For the first time in Africa, our customers can plan their trip in advance, know when their ride will arrive and how long will their transit will take, through  our award-wining trip planning platform and mobile App.

Low-entry and Bus Kneeling  – Accessibility featured buses are utilized, keeping in mind senior citizens, In-addition to providing boarding ramps and wheelchair securing aid.

Smart Contactless Card Payment – Offering our customers the freedom to pay through a range of comprehensive payment and subscription plans, enjoy our attractive offers and join our customer loyalty programs.

Free WiFi Internet – All our buses are equipped with wireless internet services, to ensure maximum productivity during their commute.

Smart Stations with Estimated Time of Arrival – In order to meet our customers expectations and facilitate a more reliable transit service.

Infotainment System – On-board our fleet customers get to enjoy a bouquet of information relating to their ride both visual through the onboard LCD screens as well as audio through our automatic station announcement and estimated time of arrival, In-addition to a bouquet selection of the latest entertainment and awareness shows.

USB Charging and Headphone Outlets – Each seat is equipped with a standard 5volts USB charging socket for charging mobile devices and a headphone jack facilitating optional audio of the displayed shows.

Security Cameras – In order to ensure the safety and security of our customers, each of our buses is equipped with 3 CCTV cameras.

24/ 7 Customer Support – Through state of the art operations center, our customers are assured that their queries and/or concerns shall be answered round the clock by one of our professionally trained and qualified executives.


Mwasalat Misr Egypt’s leading public transportation expert, creating New horizons for all its stakeholders.

Partners and Stakeholders

Mwasalat Misr works with its international partners, Cairo Transportation Authority (CTA) and Cairo governorate, to deliver transit

services in communities throughout Greater Cairo Metropolitan Area (GCMA).

Stakeholders include our customers, local governments, privet sector manufacturing and supply companies, regulatory institutions, major employers, school districts, resident’s associations and others.

Corporate Governance

Mwasalat Misr is committed to working closely with District Authorities, bus operators, stakeholders and the public to help shape and deliver improvements to bus transit systems.

Relaying on its vastly experienced and skilled board members  and international partners in maintaining its market leadership and strategically positioning the company  as to enable balancing the interests of its many and essential stakeholders.